Citizens were beaten in big crack of Zimbabwe news

After the widespread breakdown of public order related to the lack of food and fuel in the country that is visible, the police and the army have started mass action in Zimbabwe.

Access to the internet and social media was closed for most of Wednesday, and the armed soldiers were patrolling the streets of major cities, because unknown men had Harare, poor neighborhoods of the capital and “randomly” people Beating was reported.

zimbabwe news

Workers, lawyers and other citizens described a wave of kidnapping around Harare and its surroundings. In some poor neighborhoods, groups of young people put obstacles and are blocking some vehicles on the roads.

Police cells across the city are “full of capacity”, which are full of large numbers of men and children.

“Internet shutdown has been [used] to cover the operation of large scale repression”, said Doug Coortt, a lawyer who spoke to more than 30 detainees in Harare Central Jail on Wednesday. There were some children.

“Most said that they were kidnapped by the masked men along with AK47, who dragged them and beat them up. They are being organized without any food or water charges or representation … The cruelty of what is going on is shocking. Zimbabwe news ”

After the riot and widespread looting, the police stopped the call center of the southern city. Local witnesses said that the security forces in the city beat people in their homes, remove the residents from the streets and fired at the robbers. At least one person has been shot and killed. Zimbabwe news


In response to the huge increase in fuel prices ordered by President Emerson Mennagawa, there was a furor after the unions called on from the National Strike since Monday, a ruling party, Stalwart took power, to resign Robert Mugabe after a military takeover in November 2017. was forced. Zimbabwe news

Mugabe’s 37-year rule includes heavy unemployment, heavy government debt, acute shortage of hard currency and a wobbling infrastructure. Zimbabwe news

Desperation for food has forced some people to venture into major cities, but virtually all shops are closed and fuel stations are empty. “I went out to buy some vegetables for my sick mother and was full of hostile, hostile youths on the streets. They tried to buy me a common man for $ 15, “said a Harare resident. Zimbabwe news


In the capital, the crowd made tear gas shells in the capital after trying to overthrow a shopping center opened to sell the bread. Soldiers with AK-47 took over the responsibility of the long line.

The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights, a respected NGO, said that he had received reports of human rights violations in Zimbabwe.

Its members had attended more than 100 patients till Tuesday afternoon, with some serious injuries. One doctor said that he had made at least 30 people victims of gunshot wounds and 80 serious attacks.Zimbabwe news

Workers who took care of victims of political violence said that hundreds of people were injured, but the real total was unknown because many people were afraid of taking medical treatment.


“Things are very serious. It is very confused. Nobody knows what’s going on, “said an experienced human rights activist. Zimbabwe news

According to human rights activists, eight people, including a police officer, died during the clashes on Monday.

Mnangagwa is traveling in Asia and Europe, leaving the hardline vice president Constantino Chivenga. During the days of protests after Zimbabwe’s election on July 30 last year, Chivena was convicted for shooting by soldiers of six civilians, and for a cruel wave of repression after the results were announced in August.

It is not clear who is doing the raids, but their methods are very similar to the security forces during the wave of repression after the election, which Manganwa won. It is also not clear what extent the disorder and protests have been centered in the past 48 hours.

In a post on his Facebook account on Wednesday, Mnangagwa said that he was unhappy with “huge violence and slander destruction” during protests. Information Minister, Monika Mutsawangwa said on state television Tuesday night that the exhibits were the amount of “terrorism” and were “well coordinated” by the opposition.Zimbabwe news

Zimbabwe news

This crack has largely targeted the opposition strongholds, although the leader of the youth wing of the ruling Zanu-PF party was arrested with six other people to burn bus related to the state-owned transport company.

Movement for Democratic Change – A senior official of Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, Amos Chibaya, said that “unknown assailants” attacked their house in Harare on Tuesday night and then Wednesday morning.

A priest and prominent social media activist Ivan Maverair was arrested from his house in Harare early on Wednesday and accused of inciting violence.Zimbabwe news

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