Zimbabwe army used ‘unjust force’ in conflict after election

Due to this year’s presidential election, Zimbabwe’s army used “unjust force” against opposition protesters, found an investigation.

On August 1, six people were killed after intervening to stop protests in Harare, capital.

The Independent Commission said that when the army fired on fleeing protesters, the army worked unevenly.

But it blamed some opposition figures for provoking violence.Zimbabwe

Army and police fought with demonstrators who had rejected the July 30 vote by ruling Jainu-PF party.

In the summary of the final report it has been said, “The discovery of commission is that the death of those six people was done by the action of the army and police.”

“The use of ammunition directly on the people, especially when they were fleeing, were clearly unjust and unequal,” it says.

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The seven-member commission, which was established by President Emerson Meangakawa after his narrow victory, found that the deployment of the military is legal.Zimbabwe

It also accused the leaders of tension over the opposition MDC coalition, citing speeches from some of their leaders.

“If the riots are not investigated then the situation may increase, resulting in disastrous consequences.”

Protests were demonstrated on August 1 that the ruling Jainu-PF party had spoiled the vote
The Commission has recommended that the government will pay the compensation to dozens of people of the victims and the families of the victims in the opponents.

On Tuesday, Mr. Manngagawa said that he will study the recommendations and decide to move forward.

He said, “I am satisfied that the inquiry commission has done its mandate diligently.”

But the opposition immediately dismissed the report and said that the government was trying to “white” the activities of the army. Zimbabwe

A MDC spokesman said, “Our idea is that they are making false firms among the people who are shooting demonstrators and bullets and guns using unmanned protesters.”Zimbabwe

MDC leader Nelson Chemisa had said last month that protesters “opened themselves for attacks”
Last month, MDC leader Nelson Chemisa removed himself from the show on August 1, calling him “stupid”.

He told reporters, “It was very stupid, even people performed … it was stupid, because they opened themselves for attacks and tampering.”

On the same day, as a protest, Mr Chimaa refused to accept the election results, arguing that he won popular votes.

Mr. Manglagwa narrowly avoided the second round when he voted 50.7%, which was 30,000 more votes than needed to directly win. Zimbabwe 

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