the herald zimbabwe Health budget needs to Prioritise prevention

Recently,the herald zimbabwe a bomb was exploded by Finance Minister Patrick Chinmasa when he told the Parliament that due to the failure of the Ministry of Health and Child Care, the nearly $ 20 million collected for health levy funds was transferred to the Consolidated Revenue Fund .

With the statement of Chinmasa, the MPs were shocked, because there is a lack of adequate infrastructure and medicines in the health sector of the country. the herald zimbabwe.

The fund is financed by Zimbabweans, which charge five cents per dollar, which is towards the health sector, and while the health ministry keeps the money wrapped, due to the absence of patients proper treatment in hospitals There is a struggle to get. Drugs and blood supply, which is very expensive at $ 120 to $ 140 per pint.

the herald zimbabwe

Chinmasa revealed in the National Assembly, “In exchange for five dollars of every five dollar air fares, he managed to recover 20 million dollars.” the herald zimbabwe.

“However, my disappointment was a very slow rate of health ministry absorption, where we threatened that if they do not use the money, then we will put it into a consolidated revenue fund.”

When this was happening, the country’s budget has failed to meet the allocation of 15% of the health, as was determined by the announcement of the Abuja. the herald zimbabwe.

Health Minister David Parirenyatwa later explained the issues surrounding the health levy fund.
$ 22 million, by linking to that figure, $ 16 million will go towards the purchase of drugs and other goods.

“I am quite certain that within the next few weeks, there will be a huge difference in the supply of medicines in our institutions. the herald zimbabwe.

We have the challenge that we can use more money, but the barrier is foreign exchange allocation, “he said.

In Parliament, MPs are fighting in the corner of Parineitwa to ensure that the Health Ministry gets a big budget.

Initially, Chinmassa had allocated

$ 454 million for health, but in the National Assembly, MPs refused to pass the entire budget until the allocation was increased.

His position worked, and the finance minister, however, increased the health budget to $ 520 million. the herald zimbabwe.

the herald zimbabwe

“I will raise the health budget to at least $ 520 million, and please do not allow us to pay money out, which is not, because if revenue happens, then I will allocate $ 2 billion to the Health Ministry. Chiniyalis said that what is going to happen to my agreement is that something is going to be lost and I do not know which allocation will be affected.

Health Sector Analyst and Executive Director of Community Work Group Health (CWGH), Itai Rasik said that the $ 520 million amendment in health budget will increase the per capita per capita to 33% for 2018, Before was $ 24.

“The revised 2018 health budget remains largely indifferent because it still has not been addressed to the important issues which were raised during the budget consultation. Despite the pressure of a broad class of society and lawmakers, the health budget is still very low in the health sector’s needs, “he said. the herald zimbabwe.

“For the 2018 financial year, the total budget of $ 520 million allocated to the Ministry of Health and Child Care is slightly higher than the 9.8% of the total budget, which was allocated in 2017, and still 15% of the Abuja target Remains below Estimated budget allocation for 2018 is $ 33, which is still lower than the World Health Organization, which recommends a minimum of $ 86 per person expenditure. ”

The health expert said that universal health coverage can only be achieved by coming up with permanent and new domestic health funding strategies, such as resuming national health insurance such as economy recovery.

He said that the revised budget has still failed to provide a specific line of budget for the purchase of ambulance, which is an important component of the hospital’s referral system and can cause unnecessary deaths if they are not easily available. Also, for the purchase of cancer and non-fitness equipment.

the herald zimbabwe

Rasik said that instead of emphasizing the allocation of more resources for therapeutic services in the budget, there is a need to prioritize prevention. the herald zimbabwe.

“Despite the country facing the crisis of typhoid and cholera, we are still not putting more money on preventive services. Budget allocation for the health sector is insufficient for the growing diseases and mortality levels, especially those allocations for preventive diseases, “he said.

In order to further develop the health budget, Bulawayo South MP Eddie Cross (MDC-T) suggested that tax on five cents per dollar should be taxed on electronic transactions such as swipe.

But Chinnamasa refused to implement it saying that the tax is already in force. Treasury Boss said that if he imposed taxes on electronic and swipe transactions, people would avoid using plastic money.

In a report of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health presented by Binga North MP Prince Dubacco Sibanda (MDC-T) in the Parliament on the budget of 2018, the committee has recommended that the National Pharmaceutical Company (NetForm) to be reorganized. In bulk.

“Public hospitals will be able to purchase bulk of the medicines to ensure stable supply of medicines. He said that pharmacists are also benefited by buying medicines from Natfarma at lower prices.


The cost of drugs in the country increased by 70% in October 2017. Parliament also recommended that the government consider promoting pharmaceutical companies, so that they can produce locally and curb foreign exchange flight through imports.

There were also such recommendations that Zimbabwe’s Reserve Bank should give priority to medicines for foreign exchange allocation.the herald zimbabwe.


“We also recommend that the establishment of staff in the health sector, which was last modified in 1982, when the population was only seven million, should be modified so that it corresponds to the burden of disease and the population we have, It also matches its size “Sibanda said, the existing employment freeze should be allowed to be exempted from the health sector. the herald zimbabwe.

The Parliament also feels that in order to pursue the budget, the sins of alcohol and tobacco should be applied, as well as sugar foods, so that the accumulated money should move towards the treatment of non-communicable diseases. .the herald zimbabwe.

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