Zimbabwe latest newsThe gun strikes again, the encobe and the Mangag.

Zimbabwe latest news Self-Styled Communications Strategist William Motuma (AC Lumumba) Tuesday blasted President Emerson Maungaawa and Finance Minister Mathuli Enkube for failing to cure the economy as they started a new dispute.

“I do not enjoy the experience of this Jainu PF, I feel that we are leading the way and where we are being led, there is something wrong about this.” Mutumanje said.Zimbabwe latest news

“An important milestone that Mangalgova had established for himself was that he was going to fight against corruption, when the coup happened, Minister SB Moyo said that he was targeting criminals around the President, Made and others arrested, but all of them were released.Zimbabwe latest news. ”

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Turning to Mathuli Enqueub, Mutumman said that the encobe was no longer using his brain because he was wearing Zenu PF scarf but was now thinking like Manglagwa.

“The scarf that the Professor was wearing has super powers, if you wear it you start to think like the owner of that scarf. You no longer use your own brains.” Zimbabwe latest news

Mutumanje was referring to the interview where Ncube said the government has arrested a lot of people and are in jail to corruption charges.

Recently the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe dismissed claims that suspended RBZ bosses Mirirai Chiremba, Norman Mataruka, Gresham Muradzikwa and Azvinandawa Saburi were part of a cartel controlling the allocation of foreign currency and bond notes to traders on the black market has been rubbished by the Central bank as false information. Zimbabwe latest news.

Mutumanje had claimed that the four directors together with senior Zanu PF officials with political clout were behind the cartel’s survival, adding that the officials were linked to “remnants” of former Central Intelligence Organisation director-general Happyton Bonyongwe, his wife Willia, who is the former Zimra board chairperson and an unnamed top executive at the National Oil Company of Zimbabwe.

Mutumanje later confessed in a leaked whatsapp audio recording that he was working for embattled War Veterans leader Chris Mutsvangwa who had bought him with $40 000 to lie.

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