Sparks at similar prices zimbabwe news 24

There is a national outrage by the parents on the sudden increase in the school uniform prices of more than 200 percent of the school calendar year before the beginning of the calendar year, which has colluded between retailers demanding profite from the uncontrolled market. Expects fears zimbabwe news 24.

Parents say that the current economic situation and value added education have made educational expenses intolerable zimbabwe news 24.

zimbabwe news 24
zimbabwe news 24

Cost of living in general, high school fees and other requirements coupled with the increased uniform prices.

School shoes at many retail outlets now cost $ 60, from $ 20, a satchel $ 62 ($ 21), a shirt and $ 65 ($ 20), a costume $ 45 ($ 15), a colorful The jacket is going $ 150 (to $ 50), a skirt and blouse $ 80 ($ 30), a hat $ 30 ($ 11), socks $ 6 (from $ 2) and $ 18 ($ 9 ) Tie zimbabwe news 24.

A full set of uniforms for Grade One pupil spends an average of $ 135 in city stores zimbabwe news 24.

On a popular retail shop in Harare, it was found that a Lab Coat for $ 50 and Khaki shorts sold for boys for $ 50 in Practical Science. zimbabwe news 24

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Professor Paul Mwima said last week that parents should be allowed to get the best quotation on the market instead of being forced to buy uniforms in school zimbabwe news 24.

After that, the anxiety of parents who had said that the schools were working with retailers to increase the prices for their benefit.

zimbabwe news 24

Schools have allegedly claimed that parents will be allowed to obtain uniform from the cheapest retailers and will compromise on quality and bring different colors.

Prof. Mavima said that schools were expected to practice good governance, transparency and corruption free in their management.

In a survey by our sister’s publication, The Chronicle in Bolivo, on Thursday, it was found that most retailers had increased uniforms and stationery prices and parents were struggling to cope.

“As parents we are very concerned about these price increases. My child is going for Form One and I have already spent around $ 400 on a uniform alone. Now I have to borrow money from someone to buy stationery and filling school fees, “Mrs. Sibonokule Neke said to the Cowra Park.zimbabwe news 24

If prices were kept at the level of the previous year, then the uniform uniform would cost me $ 100. I do not know whether it is fair for retailers to sell uniforms at such high prices, but it is disappointing, “he said.

“I tried to compare the prices around the city all day, but they are only one,” she said, the suspicion of collusion by retailers creates suspicion for unfair pricing. zimbabwe news 24

Thousands of parents said that they were being forced to buy some of their requirements from street vendors whose prices were recovering in half of the registered retailers in some cases.

“I was very excited that my first child was going for the ECD but when I went to these shops I was very disappointed. I had to spend more than $ 140 on a set of uniforms, which cost $ 50. I think the government took action on these high prices because they are unfair”,Emu Routino told Miguini. zimbabwe news 24

“It is frustrating to think that where the uniform prices have gone up by more than 200 percent, our salaries are the same as in the previous year zimbabwe news 24.

“My salary was enough to buy uniforms and stationery for my child going to one form only,” she said.

Some parents said that they were forced to buy from street vendors who sell products like stockings and exercise books at low prices. Others said that they are relying on unregistered tailors who sell school uniforms at reasonable prices.

However, schools insist on the uniforms of selected retailers and refuse to accept the students who doubt the collusion and zimbabwe news 24profiteering. 

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