Seven Chinese citizens in Zimbabwe Court about Rhino Horn Stash

Seven Chinese civilians appeared in Zimbabwe’s court on Thursday after being arrested last month with fragments of Rhino Horn of almost a million dollars. They are facing allegations of breaking the country’s wildlife laws.

Zheng Denguei, 35; Peicon Jung, 35; Chen Xiangfu, 30; Qi Jinchang, 29; Yu Xian, 25; Yong Zhu, 25 and Liu Cheng, 23 were arrested two days before Christmas when the police raided their house. Zimbabwe.


Police spies found a mattress, plastic bags and rhino horn pieces placed in a box in a house in a suburb of the city.

All seven are unemployed, the resort of Victoria Falls appeared in the dock wearing khaki prison garland in court in the city.Zimbabwe.

The prosecutor’s lawyer said that his trial was scheduled to begin on Thursday, which was delayed on 9 January.

Prosecutor Bhaski Tashbala said that the police indicated that they want money from the case and want to accuse him and also mentioned the charges of theft of a motor vehicle.Zimbabwe.

Under Zimbabwe’s parks and wildlife laws, it is illegal to keep, keep, sell or settle any products or trophies of any protected animal. Zimbabwe.

According to the prosecution, pieces of rhino horn fragments were 20.98 kg and its value was $ 938 700.

Rhino horns are highly prestigious in some Asian countries like China and Vietnam, where they have received $ 60 000 per kg for their alleged medicinal properties.

This demand has accelerated poaching and smuggling in Africa, especially in neighboring Zimbabwe, South Africa.

South Africa, which is home to nearly 80 percent of Rhino population in the world, has lost more than 100 100 animals in the past decade.

In 2016, wildlife officials in Zimbabwe said that they have started depleting 700 adult rhinos of the country to prevent illegal hunting.

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