Respect human rights and end all violence by security: zimbabwe news

 A top official said on Friday that the United States “is deeply concerned” in the matter of the human rights violations against Zimbabwe’s security forces against civilians zimbabwe news.

The United States top diplomat Tiber Negi for Africa demanded that people responsible for murders, arbitrary restrictions, attacks and rape should be held responsible.

zimbabwe news

In the strongest statement of President Donald Trump’s government since President Emerson Mennagwa came to power in November 2017, Nagi tweeted: “The United States is deeply concerned about the continuous reports of human rights violations in Zimbabwe. Invite people to blame for the violation of human rights, and to blame The end to all violence by Ri forces immediately. ” zimbabwe news

On Thursday, Mananggwa defended the deployment of troops to suppress the growing anti-government rage, which boiled when the Zanu PF leader decided to increase fuel prices by 168 percent on January 12.

Mananggawa told reporters that he regrets the killings made by the army but claimed that the deployment of soldiers was necessary ” zimbabwe news
Along with the property, other citizens are also not involved in the protest. ”

zimbabwe news

In a clear reference to the United States and Britain, he said, “We have told Western nations that they can not turn upside down and express concern when they are sponsoring violence.” zimbabwe news

Rights groups say that after the protest, more than a dozen people have been killed, more than 250 required hospital treatment and about 1,000 others have been arrested. About 100 of the injured were injured in gunpoint.

UK’s Minister Harriet Baldwin arrived in the region on Thursday, and demanded meeting with President Cyril Ramphausa to organize meetings with South African officials to speak on Zimbabwe’s developmental crisis. zimbabwe news

zimbabwe news

He traveled to Mozambique on Friday, and Zimbabwe again discussed with government officials.

Prior to leaving Britain, Baldwin told Parliament that “recent incidents in Zimbabwe are a matter of critical concern.”

They said, “We believe that the reaction of Zimbabwe’s security forces to protest against the rise in petrol prices is incompatible,” he said. zimbabwe news

“We are absolutely clear that failure to comply with these abuses and the proper procedure of law violates the fundamental principles of international human rights standards and there is no place in democratic society. It is important that the Zimbabwean politician, Concentrate on doing the best for all people with their people, rejecting violence and law Area ruled retaining. ” zimbabwe news

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