Opposition MPs grill Ncube over traffic fines

Finance Minister Mathuli Nekub last week agreed to soften his stand on traffic fines, in which an amendment was added which allows magistrates to use their discretion while applying them.

By Wennarda Langa

In the budget statement of 2019, Ncube increased fines for traffic offenses, such as taking action against red robots, moving on a solid line, encroaching on the incoming traffic to avoid the crowd, dropping passengers on unwanted points, Driving in the light of the head or side, between the others, exactly 8 to 10 levels, which does not extend the maximum fine of $ 700 and imprisonment for a period of more than 12 months. .

Opposition MPs felt that the exact level of the Neckuble was too high, the failure of paying motorists to fill the jails, and the Necube responded by amending section 28 of Finance No. 3 Bill that the traffic fine would be the maximum, but To read it. There is no fixed level to allow for flexibility.

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Nukkamane MP Kukaka Phulu (MDC Alliance) said: “For some of these driving crimes – if you keep those wages in mind, those who earn as civil servants and even members of parliament – yes, Fines will be biting, but we will end in our prison, such people are unable to pay these fines. “Fool said.

“This was the point of reference, due to which there were incidents of November 2017 (when former President Robert Mugabe was dismissed), because people used to pay their money using these fines, imposing penalty on that level is undesirable. Because they are 300% of your salary. We suggest that these fines need to be rationally rationalized so that they can not get the level of income of Zimbabwe As a tourist, “he said.

Zengeza West MP Job Sikhala (MDC Alliance) said that even if there is a penalty for penal purposes, if they were insulting high then it would defeat the argument and cause. Ncube

Sikhla said, “When a fine does not seem like a penalty for a moment, then it does not fulfill its purpose.”

SikhLa suggested that the level should be leveled at one level and the other for $ 20, level $ 60, but he said that the minister jumped from $ 60 to level three crimes for level four crimes and $ 400.

Sikhal said that it is suggested that the level of five will not be $ 200 and $ 800, because it will double from four levels to $ 400 to $ 800. Ncube

Harare former MP Tendai Bati (MDC Alliance) fixed the traffic fines, saying the legislators were campaigning on the basis of judiciary, that the principle of the separation Ncube of powers was recognized in that section 2 of the Constitution.

“It is the judiciary who imposes fines. Penalties should be proportional to false. So, you have a situation, where $ 20 to $ 60 doubles the penalty since 2009.

“So, where you have $ 20, it used to be $ 10; Where you have $ 30, it used to be $ 15; Where you have $ 60, it doubled to $ 30. However, when it comes from Level 4 to Level 14, the penalty has been quadrupled. What is the quadrangular rationale, when level one to three, have you doubled? Is it because of inflation? It can not be because of inflation because since 2009, our inflation has not quadrupled, “said Bitti. Ncube

The Finance Minister Necube’s response was that the penalty he imposed on him was the maximum payable in the form of a penalty.

For instance, from level one to level 3, this spot is fine, but beyond that, which is four levels up to level 14, it is the maximum which the magistrate can charge.
I am not saying that the magistrate can not use it. They can use it. I am proposing that we enter the maximum monetary amount on that column. Ncube

Ncube said that level one to three fines, which is spot fines, will be between $ 20 and $ 60, while the level four will be $ 100, level five will be $ 200; Level 6 $ 400; Level seven $ 800; Level eight $ 1 200; Level nine $ 1 600; Level 10 $ 2 000; Level 11 $ 2 500; Level 12 $ 3 000 and level 13 $ 5 000, while the level 14 will be $ 10 000.

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