news day zimbabwe Gweru in the fear of typhoid

news day zimbabwe  19 new suspected cases have been registered in health centers in the city. Fear of a TYPHOID fever in guaru has destroyed the densely populated Makoba suburb.
Last year Makoba had been hit by a typhoid outbreak, in which 11 people were killed and thousands of people went out of the hospital.

Sam Sackenheimo, Guaru City Council’s Health Services Director said that the address of the suspected cases came from those people who were attending the funeral at Machoba 19.

“The city’s health department obtained information about some suspected typhoid cases in Makoba 19, where there was a funeral.” “Our quick response team did some investigations and samples of stools from affected family members. We are waiting for the results of the laboratory, which should be finished soon. We are still looking for the addresses of people where the residents have been taken to the hospital to quickly investigate and enable the institute to inform the medical intervention. news day zimbabwe

They also disclosed that the council will start surveillance in health institutions to take and examine people showing signs of typhoid. news day zimbabwe

“We are monitoring our illness, where all the health institutions report on the disease statistics at their centers. In this way, we will know how to react quickly to deal with any type of typhoid. news day zimbabwe

Residents of the affected area told the Southern Eye that about 19 people had been set on fire by various ambulances in various clinics and hospitals of the city, which repeated the outbreak of typhoid last year.

“I am a few meters away from home, in which there was a funeral. Many people were taken to the clinic by two ambulances and maybe at different intervals Gweru Provincial Hospital This happened since Saturday and there are so many people who are complaining of diarrhea, headache and vomiting, the symptoms shown by people who die of typhoid last year, “Makoba resident Tafra Zawarpai said. news day zimbabwe

When Southern Eye visited the area yesterday morning, residents urged officials to immediately intervene. news day zimbabwe

“The problem is that, like the last time, the authorities responded more seriously when the outbreak claimed life, it is the urgency that gives serious attention. After people die from typhoid, we can not imagine digging graves again.

Simon Neidundu, provincial medical director of the Midlands, confirmed that his office had received reports of suspected typhoid cases and said the city was now on high alert. news day zimbabwe

“We did not disclose the typhoid in the test conducted on Monday. Eight patients were examined and the tests were negative for typhoid, “said PMD.


But later, briefing the reporters in the day, Saikenhamo said that those who mourn after consuming contaminated food have diarrhea. news day zimbabwe

He said, “Social media was freed from a case of diarrhea, where in Makoba 19 a family had eaten food kept in aluminum containers for two days.”
He urged the residents to panic, saying that eight of the 19 ill-fated deaths did not have typhoid cases after the negative test for typhoid. news day zimbabwe

“There is no typhoid in Gweru and we send the right message to the people,” he said.

Typhoid is caused by bacterial salmonella typhi, which usually spreads through contaminated food or water. Gweru is facing shortage of old water, which is responsible for old age infrastructure. Residents are being dependent on water from borehole, which was previously condemned and blamed for last year’s typhoid outbreak. news day zimbabwe

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