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latest news zimbabwe The teachers had warned yesterday that the strike will continue until the school opens next week, as long as the government does not work fast to meet their demands to increase the existing $ 500 to $ 3 000 per month between other demands.

Progressive Teachers Association Zimbabwe (PTUZ) general secretary, Raymond Majongwe told Newsday that he was still waiting for a positive response to his petition, which he had presented to President Emerson Mennagawa in a meeting last month. latest news zimbabwe.

latest zimbabwe news

“If the government does not meet our demands then schools will not open. What should they understand that I represent teachers and that is what they are saying. They (teachers) did not even get money to report for duty.

“The prices of basic goods have increased, the fare of the bus has increased and the salary has not increased. The government should work fast before the opening of schools. latest news zimbabwe.”

In the petition submitted to Mananggawa, the teachers also said that they want payment for introduction of special teacher allowances along with grade intake examinations and many other demands.

According to Majongwe, Mananggawa promised to look into issues before giving a formal response latest news zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of Zimbabwe Teachers Association Shifiso Nadalov said that 3 000 teachers, who wanted to employ the government, were thinking very little that at least 20 000 new teachers were required to fill the current gap latest news zimbabwe.

latest zimbabwe news

“Teachers should be employed because it is right to do so, but the figure is very low. There is little enthusiasm about this figure. We have a shortage of 19,000 teachers who need to change according to the new curriculum. The disciple is at 1:70 for teacher ratio and sometimes goes down to 1: 101 in the worst case. If we look at the budget that was not raised and was at a halt, ‘Andloveu said.

He said that pupil ratio teacher should be reduced to 1:25 at the infant, 1:30 at junior level.

The government announced on Monday that it will recruit 3,000 teachers from Thursday to Thursday so that the teachers can take steps to improve the quality of education in schools to improve the proportion of the students.

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