Eliass Mudzuri, Zimbabwe Vice President of MDC, urged him in 220

The Zimbabwe  possible division of the MDC-Coalition has to be faced, party leader Mr. Nelson Chemisa prepares to chair two high level meetings in a campaign to expel his two deputy, Mr. Elias Mudazuri. It is said that at least 220 party districts had fired Mr Mudzuri before the Congress party next year to uphold President’s ambitions.

Due to the reports, it has been learned that Deputy Chancellor of the MDC-Alliance and the former Parliament member of Quadjana, Mr Chalton Hwynde threatened to shoot party Secretary-General Mr. Douglas Mwanjora.

Mr Hwende, a Cheemaa ally, was worried about the announcement of Mr. Mojojora that Mr. Chimisa could be challenged in the party’s Congress next year. Mr Howey could not be reached on his mobile phone for comment last night. Zimbabwe


Mr. Mwonzora said that he could not remember such an incident Zimbabwe .

Party sources said that Mr. Howey had threatened to shoot Mr. Monzora openly for “humiliating” Mr Chemisa. Mr. Chemisa has been accused in the past that the infamous militia, Vengard, to silence his opponents Zimbabwe .

Another charge against Mr. Mudzuri is that he participated in a function in the Rajya Sabha without the “consent” of Mr. Cheema. After failing to participate in the Standing Committee meeting for unclear reasons, he survived expulsion last week.

One source said, “This is the end of the road for Mr. Mudzuri.” “The President (Mr Chimaas) is going to break and the process of eliminating its rivals has started sincerely. (Mr.) Mudajuri is the first goal and (Mr.) is likely to follow Monjojora. Remember (Mr.) Hwange (Mr) threatened to kill Monjojora and it is becoming clear that Chamissa camp is worried about the way that (Mr.) is in the race for the top job of the Monjojora Party I am making it Zimbabwe . ‘

Another source said that Mr. Mudzi was being used as a warning to the potential rivals of Mr. Chemisa.

The source said, “It is not about (Mr) Mudzuri, but (Mr.) Monjojora and those who are secretly canvas for support in the Congress of the next year.” You should know that (Shri) In fact, Chamaas has never considered (Mr) Mudzuri as a threat, but (Mr.) Monjojora So what we are watching is that (sir) Chamaas warned firing on the likes of Mr. Monjojora. ‘

Today’s meetings will be held at the party’s Harvest House headquarters, for the National Executive and the National Council for the second.

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