Doctors’ strike zimeye- A balancing act of ethics and rights

zimeye Since March 1 this year, junior doctors lowered their equipment in protest against the deteriorating conditions of work, on-call allowances, duty-free vehicles and poor remittance facilities. Senior physicians with specialist health workers also joined.


The month-long industrial action has crippled health services in many public hospitals, which has brought healthcare to the surface.  zimeye

Patients, as usual, fail to reach the option of personal care, suffer the strike of the strike. There was nothing in the conversation with the usual tag-off-war. The doctors were stubborn and stressed that they wanted them to be due and in line with their colleagues in this area.  zimeye
But the government threatened and threatened to act (a common feature).

Kenya Doctors Strike
FILE – In this Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016 file photo, Kenyan nurses and other health-workers on strike demonstrate over low pay at Uhuru Park in downtown Nairobi, Kenya. A Kenyan judge Monday, Feb. 13, 2017 has jailed seven officials of the medics union for failing to call off a two-month strike by doctors at public hospitals that has seen at least a dozen die due to lack of medical care. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis, File)

Nine months later, there is another strike, doctors raised the same issue with the government. Strike, service delivery has ended and thousands of patients have been left stranded again.

It has worsened the current challenges in the pharmaceutical industry,  zimeye  which is struggling with the lack of foreign exchange. Most pharmacy is still charging in the United States dollars, most of which have no access.

The rights of doctors and the plight of patients as workers have remained a sticky issue, which now requires balance.

Right Dimensions … zimeye

For doctors, the representative body of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association said that they had dropped their equipment down due to “inability to face serious inefficiency and the current incompetent working environment”. He said that the lack of medicines and suds in public hospitals made it impossible for them to distribute their duties accordingly. zimeye

On remuneration, doctors said that according to the collective bargaining agreement of March this year, their wages and allowances were assessed in the United States dollar. They claimed that the employer broke it countless times.


“The ministry did not pay any attention to our call to improve them, but RTGS has made a one-sided decision to pay us. It is a clear violation of the agreement, “he said in a statement.

Doctors have dismissed the announcement of Health Minister Obadiah Moyo that he earned $ 1 800.

“This is not true because we do not earn the United States dollar, and the association is left to see a junior doctor who earns $ 1 800,” ZHDA said.
Doctors claimed that they adopted the average package method less than the data stated at home.

He said, “A large part of it is an on-call allowance of approximately $ 1 000, which is given at the rate of hourly for doing nonstop work while the doctor is working late in the night.

Another major issue was to take advantage of the terms of junior doctors on contract because after graduation, no personal practice can be done soon, but one year is required for full-time government employment.

Vehicle loans have remained one of the sticky issues of doctors and they are not committed to writing to all medical practitioners on the government in writing and on a legally binding platform. The doctors who have been suspended from pending hearings said that the suspension was cruel and there would be no fruit to resolve the stalemate.

ethical dilemma…

The healthcare crisis has reached an unprecedented level in the country. With the suspension of more than 500 doctors, it has worsened because patients are being removed due to the absence of doctors. Central and senior doctors of nine provinces have also withdrawn their services and will only start work only when the suspended members will be restored and meaningful talks will resume.

The hospital, Harare and Chitungwija hospitals are almost paused in operations, in the Parineetwa group. Depressed patients are not getting medical care, and with barely 10% on medical insurance, many people will go home to die.

Unable to face the situation, the hospital authorities have discharged patients who are stable and are only participating in very important matters. Appropriation in many hospitals testifies to the fact that the effect of the service on provision of industrial action has been affected.

“The health care board is playing politics with the lives of our fellow countrymen, throwing a legal shepherd to fail to address issues affecting our health sector,” the doctors said.

Meanwhile, on the eve of Christmas, Moyo said that the government has made efforts to overcome complaints to save lives.  zimeye

“The loss of life and pain caused by parents and their loved ones could be avoided if the doctors were talking while on the job,” he said.
The Health Minister said that the Labor Court ruled in accordance with the law.  zimeye

“However, I want it to be remembered that I have constantly encouraged doctors to come back to work because efforts have been made to resolve most issues by my ministry and government,” he said.  zimeye

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