bulawayo24 latest news Government denies distribution of expired drugs

Firai Machynika senior reporter

On behalf of the government it has been said that no expired medicines are being given to public health institutions as there are systems to ensure the safety of the citizens bulawayo24 latest news.

In a statement yesterday, the government said that procedures have been set for disposal of all expired medicines.

Secretary, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Mr. Nick Mangwana dismissed the social media footage, saying that the government hospitals are  bulawayo24 latest news distributing expired medicines, making the public serious health risks.

latest news zimbabwe
latest news zimbabwe

“Herald said in a statement Shri Manganna said,” The government has been apprised of the footage on social media that expired medical drugs are being used for the use of patients in the country bulawayo24 latest news. ”

He said, “The government wants to assure the people of Zimbabwe that it takes the security of its citizens and patients seriously and there are systems to ensure that expired medicines are disposed of, and its irregular use Is not done. ”

He said that procedures had been set for disposal of expired drugs bulawayo24 latest news.

“The extracted drug can not be disposed of without a formal process, which involves the formation of a board of surveys for the investigation and verification of targeted drugs for destruction. The Board goes through medically terminated drugs, items by item, and provides the monetary value of such medicine, “said Mr. Manganna.

He said expired drugs were destroyed with the consent of Treasury.

This process is also seen by various stakeholders.

The treasury destroyed the expired drug only after authorizing such destruction through the issuance of the certificate of destruction. Destruction is closely watched by the Environmental Management Agency with the Health and Child Care Department’s Environmental Health Department and it is seen independently and documented, “Mr. Manganna said.

The process takes months.

“The entire process takes place between six and nine months. Prior to the destruction, the drug is kept in separate straps (but different corridors) in the same warehouse, because of the storage space limitations, with unused medicine, “Mr. Manganna said bulawayo24 latest news.

He said that for the year 2017, expired medicines were kept at less than one percent of the medicines available in accordance with World Health Organization standards. bulawayo24 latest news

“Expiry is normal for any health setting but it has to be kept to a minimum. For the year 2017 and the third quarter of 2018, the expiry of the country’s public health systems has consistently been less than one percent of the available commodities.

“It is within the loss of one percent acceptable to the WHO national level,” said Mr. Manganna.

He said that expiry drugs running on social media could be taken on Thursday during the visit of caretaker President Constantino Chivenga to National Pharmaceuticals Warehouse.

This may be the basis of the misrepresentation that the expired drugs were being disposed of.

“We give place to the record and insist that the expired drug is not for the use of patients,” said Mr. Manganna.

“Does anyone suspect that they have been released with expired medicines, they should contact the regulator, the Medical Control Authority of Zimbabwe,” he said.

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