Army helicopter crashed after developing herald zimbabwe latest news

herald zimbabwe latest news Alausset III helicopter carrying a Martin helicopter for defense and war veterans was forced to land in Gutu on Saturday after developing a mechanical defect.

No one was injured in the incident, though the helicopter damaged its wheels and propellers.

This accident happened near Ranga School, while the helicopter was headed for Gutu Harare.

Details were sketched yesterday and the investigation was going on.


Acting Provincial Administrator for Masvingo Province, Mr Roy Howe told Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation that a defect was developed in the helicopter, while it was shameful. herald zimbabwe latest news

Mr. Hove said that the pilot succeeded in controlling the aircraft before landing.

Zimbabwe Defense Forces spokesman in an interview yesterday, Colonel Overson Mughsi confirmed the incident.

“Yes I have heard of this incident. I am still trying my best to do what our people on the ground did. herald zimbabwe latest news


Five people – after three finishes and two Zimbabwe, one incident comes in hardly one month – a private plane crashed last month in Mesingo.

The plane, which was an-root for Buffalo Range from the erodrome to Victoria Falls in Chirudzi, crashed near Renco Mine in Chamanjrenji Hills near the Tocino-Nandugu area. herald zimbabwe latest news

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