Zimbabwe latest news Air Zimbabwe Aircraft develops mid-air

Zimbabwe latest news National flag carrier Air Zimbabwe has issued a press statement regarding the mid-air turn of tomorrow’s Dar S. Halaam flight UM438.

Zoom Zimbabwe broke the story of Air Zimbabwe yesterday, who experienced a technical fault on the flight and Harare had to go again. Passengers who spoke to Zoom Zimbabwe said that it was a scary experience because the aircraft was faster at approximately 50 minutes in the flight. The aircraft had left Harare at 13.20 hrs.

All four different travelers, interviewed by Zoom Zimbabwe, made it clear that the pilot had said: “We are having a minor technical mistake and will have to return to Harare.” Zimbabwe latest news

Air Zimbabwe has issued a press statement, which states that the aircraft returned due to bad weather.

After yesterday’s incident, Air Zimbabwe officials asked passengers to check for a replacement flight yesterday (today) at 13:00. However, yesterday around 18.00, Air Zimbabwe asked passengers to call that they should be asked to return for a replacement flight at 22.00 hours. Zimbabwe latest news

Meanwhile, the passengers we had interviewed yesterday have indicated that they are now in Dar es Salaam after Air S Zilbeve changed the problem plane with one more night last night.

Replacement flight landed in Dar es Salaam at 3.30 am on Wednesday morning. The passengers waiting for the same flight in Tanzania were stranded and there was no official communication from the airline. 


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